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Suggestions of Applications with Level Switches and Flow Switches

Automation in sectors that use Eicos sensors with successfully and low cost.

Level control for water monitoring of evaporative cooling and nebulizers

Evaporative Cooling and Nebulizers

Increase the security of your evaporative cooling with a signal of water lack.

Water level switch mounting with adapter and PVC pipe for practice automation of building level control

Cisterns and Civil Works

Building automation with practice solutions:
Water level switches mounting with PVC pipes.

Water level switch for temperature up to 125°C in steam generators

Steam Generators, Boilers, Heaters

Level switches with resistance of up to 125°C for water monitoring of the steam generators

Water level switch for sanitation and water treatment

Sanitation and Water Treatment

The level switches for water are fundamental for sanitation companies.

Water level switchc for level control of doras industriales

Industrial Washing Machines

Water level detection for various industrial washing machines: crockery, floor, ultrasound, etc.

Water level switch for level control of cooling system of climate chamber

Climate Chambers

Prevent damage to your equipment with water monitoring in the system.

Water level switch for combined ovens, bakery equipments and water baths

Combined Ovens, Bakery Equipment

For water control in the steam generator of combined ovens and water bath.

Water level switch for detection and automation of water level of chillers

Chillers, Water Coller

Water level monitoring with Eicos level switch for chillers, industrial water cooler, etc.

Water level switch for agricultural machinery (combine harvester) and 4x4 vehicle (land rover)

Agricultural Machinery, 4x4 Vehicle

Water level switch in agricultural machinery (ex. combine harvester) and 4x4 vehicle (ex. Land Rover).

Level switch for monitor water of brooder


Do not lose all the eggs for lack of water!
Monitor the water used for humidity.

Water level switch for level control of ice making machines

Ice Machines

For water level control used for the ice making of your equipment.

Flow switch for chemical products and additives of agro-industry

Animal Nutrition Manufacturing

Use flow switches compatible with animal nutrition additives and preservatives.

Pratic level switch for kits of practical classes about industrial automations

Automation Kits for Students

Pratical classes about automatic level control with automation kits for university students.

Oil flow switch for lubricant monitor of rubber manufacturing machine

Rubber Manufacturing

Flow switches for low flows detection: Monitore the bearing lubrication in rolling mills.

Level switch with level relay for automation and protection of pump in your liquid tank

Liquids Level Control with Level Relay

Automate your liquid tank with Eicos level switch + level control relay.

Oil flow switch for monitoring of bearings lubrication oil flow

Bearings Lubrication

Monitor the oil of your equipment with flow control of bearings lubrication.