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KD Snubber Filter for electrical connection of Eicos sensors

Snubber Filter KD (DC) for contactors and command relays
Dimensions of Snubber Filter KD (DC) for contactors and command relays
Discontinued product

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Technical Specifications

Eliminate the electrical noise caused by switching of the coils.

  • For coils with power: < 80W
  • Voltage: 0...24Vdc
  • Weight: 6g
  • Mounting: Double-sided tape
  • Housing: Epoxy resin
  • Current: Direct current (DC)
  • Application: Contactors and command relays
The internal components of the Snubber Filter KD for direct current (DC)


Photos & Videos

Wiring Diagram

Filter KD mounted in parallel with the coil of a DC relay, increase contact life.
Electrical connection of Level Switch or Flow Switch using KD Suppressor Filter (DC)